Professional Translation Services

Our legal translators in Abu Dhabi & Dubai have been translating legal documents in United Arab Emirates the past 7 years. Our certified translations in Abu Dhabi are accepted by UAE MOJ, courts, Notary Public, embassies, ministries, banks, and other government, academic and private institutions. As your translation company in UAE, we always provide you with fully certified translation services of all your projects, whether they are legal documents, websites, media releases or technical materials. Our translation process ensures that each project undergoes thorough translation, editing, then proofreading filters by qualified legal translators in UAE to make sure that the translated text meets the high expectations of our customs in terms of accuracy, smoothness and clarity.


Prestige Legal translation, one of the UAE leading translation and language services providers, has been established to provide a range of high quality products and services enabling its clients to effectively engage in the worldwide competition and have their market shares increased through approaching new audience and targeting new destinations.

4 Reasons to choose us for your translation needs!

With a proven track record in providing accurate and professional legal translation services in Abu Dhabi supported by experienced legal translators and translation professionals, some of the many reasons why you should choose Prestige as your legal translator in Abu Dhabi are outlined below.

Affordable rates
Fast Translation
Reliable Translators